We are open 9.00am - 5.00pm weekdays. 
 Our email is monitered 24/7 so all enquiries are answered promptly. Phone and web orders will be posted the same day if possible or on Monday if ordered at the weekend. Phone orders can only be placed on weekdays.  
I have added a good stock of Jigsaws to the website, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Time for an update on the new fabrics in the shop! 

We now have a large range of backing fabrics in a wide variety of colours and designs. They are all on the website so look at Subtle Paisley, Monaco, and Vine backings, among all the others!

We have some more Asian panels and some co-ordinating fabrics also.  The range is called Geiko and there are 2 picture panels, the 6 pictures are the same, but the sashings are either black or cream. The matching large panel has two large Geisha girls on a blue background with some floral around them. It’s a very lovely range.

We have received 3 different ranges with horses, both panels and all over designs are included. Look for Wild Wings, Wild Free Willow Brook, and Runaway Brumbies.  The Willow Brook range has been done before, this one is very similar, but the frames are different this time I think.

If you are looking for blenders or tone on tone, we have a very lovely tone on tone called Mystic Vine. We have it in all 26 colours you are sure to find something to suit!

We also have another range called Winter Wool in 20 colours as well. This looks just like the texture of woven wool and is a very useful blender.

Thera are a few others as well; I just picked a few pieces out of some of the new ranges to fill in all the colours.

Another newish range is called Black And Whites and this is a good budget price as well.

A lot of the prices have risen in the past year, I have had no choice but to pass them on to the customers. There have been so many price rises and freight charges since this pandemic began. Seems like we can blame a lot on Covid!

Even Australia Post has had a price rise. I have kept the postage prices on the website the same despite this.  You may have noticed we have a flat rate of postage when you order fabric. It remains the same whether you buy 2 metres or 10! We do have different rates for wadding and backing and other things though, but even they are a flat rate also.

Until next time,
happy stitching


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